Book Release: Poems to Talk About 2015: For Peter Hartey


This book of poems is a compilation of the winning and shortlisted poems from the 2015 Poetic Republic Poetry Competition. Sadly, the creator, of the competition, Peter Hartey, passed away before having announced the winners.


As friends of Peter, we had been following the progress of his competitions (he ran a Short Story Prize as well) since their inception and felt it was important to complete the 2015 competitions.


The Poetic Republic Poetry Competition is a unique one. Peter described it as a ‘quest to discover the poetry that we want to read and talk about’.


Peter devised the competition with the belief that great poetry can be discerned through a process of democratic selection in which all participants play an integral part. Peter referred to this process in terms of a ‘community’ of individuals sharing their poems and feeding back on the poems of others through ‘anonymous peer review’.


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