Open for Entries 2014


One great piece of news is that you can now edit your writing (poems and short stories) after you have submitted (up to the final submission deadline).

We are very excited to be holding a short story event for the first time.

The Short Story Prize has been tweaked following feedback on the draft rules that were initially set out as a consultation document. There will be a maximum of one story per entrant (multiple entries will still be fine for the Poetry Prize) and the number of stories to read per round will be 7. We have also clarified that the word limit is from 500 to 3,000 words.

The Short Story Prize will close for entries on 15th April 2014.

We’ve also made changes to the judging process; it will now be possible to save comments for later editing and submission; and it will be much easier to comment whilst reading a poem or short story.

The whole package of development work took about 7 months to complete; this included 5 formal rounds of development and testing.