Development and 2014 Update


This is an exciting period.

We have now completed the text for the two eBooks and will be working on the covers and eBook conversions over the next few weeks. This puts the announcement of winners and eBook launches into the second half of November.

This is a little later than planned but reflects a practical juggling between work on future development, eBook preparation and all along meeting the demands of full time employment. Also, the naming of the two eBooks demanded the elapse of quite some time.

That the Short Story Prize would draw so much positive feedback from participants and immediately attract such outstanding writing was totally unexpected. One person taking part described the shortlist as “sizzling”.

Meanwhile the third poetry eBook has raised the bar in terms of diversity and craft; it is the most richly poetic of the three collections to date. As the days of summer passed, this started to feel like a landmark publication.

All this makes the pursuit of further developments both compelling and a pleasure.