Poetry Prize 2013 | Updates


With the 30th April deadline for this year’s Poetry Prize now on the horizon we thought this would be a good moment to look at some of the achievements of the last few months.

In December the eBook “Poems to Talk About” went to number 3 in the Amazon Kindle Poetry Best Sellers – just behind “Twas the Night before Christmas” and “The Canterbury Tales”.

The eBook has been highly praised. As the publishing landscape opens up, “Poems to Talk About” has been cited as a leading example of how wider participation in processes can drive the identification of quality writing.

Poetic Republic has continued to grow steadily.

As we approach the end of March over 6,000 people have now registered at Poetic Republic. This unique community is united by a love for writing, a focus on self-learning and a sense of fairness. This is an excellent foundation for further development.

We continue to operate at Poetic Republic on a voluntary basis and apply any funds raised to 3rd party costs: IT (our largest cost), Marketing and Prizes.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project over the last five years.

Don’t miss out on taking part this year.